Penguins Swim School

Our Learn to Swim programme provides high quality swimming lessons based on the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework.  Upon completion of the levels swimmers are then given the opportunity to continue on their swimming journey by joining our competition pathway. 

For more information about the programme and how to join, please email:

Nicola Arnold, Head of Swim School


Learn to swim - Framework

Swimming lessons at Stewards pool are organised into the following groups:

Otters: beginner level where swimmers are introduced to all aspects of the water, concentrating on having fun while learning.  This incorporates Stages 1 and 2.
Seals: still in shallow water, this group can swim 5m back and front with floats.  Enjoying the water is still important, but there is more focus on stroke technique and body position.  Children will be starting to swim without support and will be introduced to breaststroke leg kick.  Stage 2, moving to wards Stage 3.
Turtles: swimming widths in the deep end, this group will have achieved Stage 2 and swim 10m front crawl and backstroke.  The focus now is on gaining confidence in deep water, improving stroke technique and building up stamina.  Stages 3-4.
Dolphins: swimming widths in the deep end, this group will have Stages 3-4 and 25 metre badge.  They will work on stroke technique, intermediate skills, diving and continue to build stamina in preparation for swimming lengths. Stages 4-5.
Sharks: swimming lengths of the pool, this group is for confident, fairly strong swimmers.  They will work on maintaining good technique over middle distances, starts and turns, and improving diving.  Stages 6-7.
Stingrays: swimming lengths of the pool, this group are strong swimmers, working on improving technique and stamina.  They will be introduced to ‘club’ type training, personal survival and develop their starts and turns.  Stages 7-8.
Killer Whales: these swimmers will have achieved Gold Challenge and Stage 8.  They will learn sprint techniques, refining starts and turns, working on stamina and efficient stroke technique.  Stages 9-10.